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A lot of young athletes work hard, but not smart. They train incorrectly, which can result in reverse effects and even injury. Our goal at CHC Physical Therapy is to restore all athletes to a higher state of functioning and maximize their performance results. Providing them with effective and progressive training methods that concur injuries and advance performance in a positive atmosphere.Being a better athlete means progressively improving speed, strength, mobility and balance to prevent injury and maintain a step above the competition. Contact us today to get the PHYX!

Hockey player off balance


The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you so very much for teaching and training me to have a stronger, more upright, realigned body. Thanks for giving me a more optimistic attitude about aging and keeping strong and healthy. Thanks for the encouragement and laughs.
I appreciated the friendliness, helpfulness, and encouragement offered by all your staff. It was a pleasure talking and working with them! I was also impressed by the cleanliness of your office, and the respect of privacy offered by curtains at each station.
May God continue to bless you so you can touch many more people with your strong determined positive teachings and therapy.

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