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An 85 year old man goes to his doctor and complains that his right knee hurts...
The doctor says, "it’s just old age."
The man replies, "Well, my left knee is the same age and it doesn’t hurt!"

Too frequently, much too frequently, surgery is considered as the only option for fixing a mechanical problem. Don’t accept a diagnosis of arthritis as the cause of pain. Do not feel that joint replacement is your only option. Don’t abandon the golf game, running or gym programs……. Contact CHC Physical Therapy for AMAZING OUTCOMES!

Physical Therapists hear a variation of the following statements at least once a day:

  • "My back (or knee, neck, etc.) hurts. But, that pain is due to arthritis, so there isn’t anything you can do for it."
  • "My knee is ‘bone on bone’ and there is arthritis in it. It is only a matter of time before I will have to get a new knee."

The truth is, the presence of arthritis in a joint does not mean that pain is inevitable. Aging and old injuries cause mechanical changes in tissues surrounding the joint. Tight tissues, entrapped nerves, even poor posture can affect the alignment of the articular surfaces of the joints and making ARTHRITIS symptomatic. No matter how old the injury or how old the joint, in many instances, mechanical problems can be improved.

With the restoration of alignment and the free movement of the tissues surrounding the affected joint, painless movement can be restored.


"To My Heros,

Thank you Jeanne for my being able to walk normally and best of all, go up and down the many stairs in my house.

Two years ago I hurt my knee while doing spring yard clean up. The pain was so bad I eventually was sent for an MRI and then to an orthopedic surgeon who said he was surprised to see me even being able to walk because I had torn my meniscus and needed surgery. Not only am I 82 years old, but also I’m my husband’s caregiver and didn’t want to deal with all that. I kept taking over the counter pain pills until it got to the point I was crawling up and down my stairs.

I went back to my doctor for something to help the pain and lucky me, as the nurse was taking me to the examining room she said, “why don’t you try physical therapy”. So I told the doctor “forget the pills”. Her list of places to go didn’t include CHC. I’m the one who told her that’s where I was going. She said, “oh yes, those therapists have innovative good ideas. The only time I have ever been to a physical therapist office was two years before when my husband’s doctor told me to take him to CHC after his long hospital stay and they did a great job of getting him walking again. Going there was one of the best and lasting things that has ever happened to me.

During one of my sessions Terese looked at me and said, “I can show you how to stop your dizzy spells”. I asked her how she knew that because I was fine that day. She said she could see it in my eyes. I have had problems for almost 50 years, sometimes spending a week in bed being sick. The first time it happened my doctor came to the house and actually said “don’t worry you’re not going to die”, because I was so bad. Well, those spells are little minor incidents thanks to Terese’s exercises.
I will never forget both Jeanne and Terese and be forever grateful. I think of you often.

When I am working in the yard, Jeanne is that little voice in my head that tells me when its time to take a break and bend over the hood of the car and do my stretches.

When I wake up in the morning and the room is spinning around me, I hear Terese say, “don’t lie there and succumb to it, start exercising and get out of bed. It has worked every single time.

Thank you, thank you,"
- Marian Placko

"Nine years ago I went to CHC physical therapy for knee pain. I had been diagnosed with arthritis in the knee. I was told that, "down the road I would need both my knees replaced". Going on nine years later I walk on the treadmill 4.6 miles an hour for 20 minutes five mornings a week followed by specific strengthening exercises with weights. I have had no knee pain.

Jeanne O'Malley at CHC Physical Therapy cares about getting us better and giving us the tools to keep us better."
- Maureen Legan

The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you Jeanne for my being able to walk normally and best of all, go up and down the many stairs in my house."

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