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The Young Athlete

For the young athlete balance is imperative to prevent injury and improve performance. 

Most of the time there is only one foot planted on the ground and so much depends on that one foot.

Matt Popiolkowski, DPT and The Young Athlete Program works with Jim LaMastra PT, DPT and the Sports/Perfecting Program to best prepare the young athlete to maximize his/her optimum potential.

Kids playing soccer

The young athlete has special needs in their training and rehabilitation of injuries.  Many coaches, parents, gym facilities, and athletes fail to recognize this fact when working with the young athlete.  If these differences are not addressed the athlete is not getting the most out of their training efforts and may be setting themselves up for injury.  These injuries can even be game ending injuries. 

In our society today their tends to be two extremes of fitness in our youth.  One group is the inactive overweight youth with a multitude of health conditions and risks and then there’s the young athlete who has idolized the higher level athlete and will stop at nothing to become that athlete. Both groups of athletes need professional medical experts trained in the care of the musculoskeletal, nervous and balance systems of the body who will custom design a program for each athlete individual needs.

The young athlete cannot be conditioned or trained, no matter what there fitness and skill level, like an adult or a professional athlete.  They have growth plates, bone-tendon and muscle structures, and stamina differences that if not protected will relate to injury. 


Young Female figure skaterThe Female Athlete

It was once believed the female athlete should not train at the same intensity as the male athlete, but further research has proved this statement false.  In fact, it is now recommended the female athlete continue to do resistive weight training both as a young athlete and all through their later years to prevent the development of osteoporosis which is more common in females. Body structure and bone alignment is often different in the female athlete different than the male athlete resulting in different stains and stresses to the body at risk for injury.

The team of professionals at CHC are experienced in treating a variety of athletic injuries and designing a program that gets each athlete back into their game not only injury-free, but often times more competitive than before their injury.  We also are here to meet the unique training needs of the young athlete that will safely and correctly help each athlete get to that next level of athletic performance.




Young athlete receiving rehabilitation


Included in this team of professionals is Terese Seroka.  Terese is a physical therapist who has numerous years of experience both with young athletes but also with the rehabilitation needs of children versus adults.  She worked through college as an Athletic Trainer treating a variety of collegic injuries and emergencies.  She has numerous years of experience working in outpatient orthopedic settings that included youth athletic screening and rehabilitation.  Terese has coached young athletes for over 20 years and has more than 15 years of experience in pediatric physical therapy for youth from infants to teens. 




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"I thought I was going to get a hip replacement. The orthopedic surgeon said I had arthritis. You alleviated the pain that I had! You guys are the best!"

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