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Shoulder Pain

A Clinical Study of Effects of Nerve Mobilizer on Shoulder Pain

CHC Physical Therapy conducted a 98 patient clinical trial, “A Clinical Study of the Effects of The Nerve Mobilizer (Body Phyx) on Shoulder Pain and Function”.  The trial outcomes demonstrated that treatment on Body Phyx (Nerve Mobilization) successfully resulted in a statistically significant increase in neural movement and decrease in shoulder pain.  The participants in the test group received treatment on the Body Phyx device alone.  Participants in the control group received standard and acceptable physical therapy for treatment of shoulder pain.
The primary objective of this study was to assess whether there is a neural tension component to shoulder pain and function and that, if neural tension is present, the Nerve Mobilizer (Body Phyx) will effectively address this component of shoulder pain.

Secondary Objectives: Assess changes in head posture, chest expansion, height and grasp strength following treatment with The Nerve Mobilizer.

Body Phyx Physical Therapy Equipment

Results of the Shoulder Pain Clinical Study

Following six visits, every participant in the Test Group showed reduction in pain levels averaging 85% compared to 25% in the Control Group, with 23 of the 47 Test Group participants reporting total elimination of all pain.

Most persistent or recurrent shoulder pain has a neural component that has not been identified.  Treatment is not successful because the treating diagnosis is incorrect.  Examples of this are rotator cuff tears, rotator cuff tendonitis and arthritis.  

The above clinical trial demonstrated that 85% of shoulder pain participants responded to treatment on the Body Phyx.  Treatment directed at the neural component of pain.  None of the study participants came to the trial with a diagnosis indicating that there was a neural component to should pain.  One participant came to the trial with a diagnosis of a full thickness rotator cuff tear.   Surgery was scheduled for the next week. His arm was in a sling.  His results were 100% reduction of pain and restoration of painless function.

Body Phyx….”Moves the Pain Away”

The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you Jeanne for my being able to walk normally and best of all, go up and down the many stairs in my house."

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