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The reasons golfers give up golf are:
  • Injury
  • Pain
  • Poor Performance
  • or, "It just is not fun anymore."
CHC Physical Therapy will improve performance to put the fun and enthusiasm back in your game.  CHC physical therapists specialize in identifying movement faults that cause swing faults and pain. 

The correction of identified movement faults can be accomplished in a few visits.  Often at the first visit.  This is done with specific movements, not generic stretches.
Pain from arthritis, injury, (including old high school injuries) can be resolved with the appropriate movement.  Even pain caused by "bone on bone'' arthritis can be resolved and the golf swing restored.
Our physical therapists have excellent credentials including a Nike Performance Specialist, a World Class Ironman Triathlete and a certified McKenzie spine specialist.

In most cases, a doctor's order is not necessary for Physical Therapy.  Contact CHC Physical Therapy and we will investigate your insurance coverage. 

Or, visit the Golf Phyx website for information on our Golf Phyx programs.
Is your golf swing causing back pain? 

 Back pain caused by the golf swing can be easily resolved and a painless golf swing restored in a few physical therapy visits.   So often I meet a golfer in the Fall who has suffered with back pain during the golf season.  Golfers typically do not want to take time away from their game to commit to physical therapy.   When his pain is abolished in a few visits he expresses his frustration that he wasted his golf season by adapting his game to the pain.  Do not adapt your game to the pain.  Come see us at CHC Physical Therapy. Truly, resolution of the pain and return to the game could take just one or two visits.  We specialize in Neuro-Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy.  With most insurance companies a doctor’s order for physical therapy is not necessary.

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The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you Jeanne for my being able to walk normally and best of all, go up and down the many stairs in my house."

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