McKenzie Method Testimonials

"Dear Jeanne,

Thank you so very much for all the teaching, training, and other work you did with me to realign my back! When I first came in to see you, I felt sheepish that there was really nothing wrong. Occasionally I had lower back pain and wanted to know what to do besides stretching forward to try to relieve the pain. I also wondered why I had pain getting out of the car and often walked hunched over until I took several steps and could straighten up. I am 67 and was told by my doctor that I had early signs of arthritis, so I was fearful that old age was setting in.

When I told you this, I was surprised that you vehemently said, “Old age is not a disease, and arthritis does not need to hurt!” That spun my head around, and my attitude started changing the more you talked and explained things to me. You took pictures of my posture sitting in a chair, and loudly exclaimed how terrible I looked! Surprised and laughing, I was shown how to sit back in the chair with a lumbar roll as you pushed my shoulders back to the chair. Your picture of me with that great posture was printed on an 8x10 paper for me to take home and study.

My head and neck were in the habit of leaning forward, and I was developing a hunchback (can’t remember the term you used for that.) I reached back and touched the knobby protrusion developing on my back and thought, oh yea, I’ve never taken much note of that, but there certainly is a hump there. I was astonished that within a few weeks of exercises and proper posture, that hump totally disappeared.

It did take 3 months before my back was realigned with therapy, exercise and continued work on developing good posture, mostly because I didn’t realize that the very best way to getting good posture is to continually check yourself and stand up/ sit up straighter all day long. There were some exercises which you taught me, took pictures of and texted me so I could review them when I got home. I did these, but I kept expecting a more rigorous, harder routine of exercises. If I had also worked harder all day every day trying to keep that posture straight, I would have been better sooner. My therapy was a learning challenge for me. At times I was discouraged because I didn’t know when I would reach my goal and be discharged. Slowly, my posture got better, and I realized that’s what you and your staff had been looking for. People have commented that my posture looks so much better now, and I am proud and happy to continue my exercises and be aware of my posture. I also know that when I bend forward in my work or other daily activities, I can offset that by doing backbends and press ups. I love doing the press ups often during the day. When my back gets tired, I lie down on the floor and hear the bones clicking back into proper position as I press up! Also, my headaches and neck aches have disappeared. If my neck does get tight, I’ve been trained to do the retractions, and darned if that doesn’t fix it.

Thank you so very much for teaching and training me to have a stronger, more upright, realigned body. Thanks for giving me a more optimistic attitude about aging and keeping strong and healthy. Thanks for the encouragement and laughs.

I appreciated the friendliness, helpfulness, and encouragement offered by all your staff. It was a pleasure talking and working with them! I was also impressed by the cleanliness of your office, and the respect of privacy offered by curtains at each station.

May God continue to bless you so you can touch many more people with your strong, determined positive teachings and therapy."


"After having suffered with (pain) 24 hours a day for nearly three years - pain that gnawed at me physically and emotionally - to be in control of one's pain and not have to rely on yet another doctor or pill or procedure is a wonderful thing."


"After suffering debilitating headaches most of my life, I learned to live with it.  No one had been able to diagnosis the cause. Jeanne at CHC determined a mechanical issue was the culprit, and through exercise, corrected the problem. Although rare now, if a headache does happen, the exercises stop it.  Needless to say, I feel good and wish I had visited CHC many years ago!"

--Mary Beth Durkin, Westlake

"In a word, Jeanne O’Malley and her staff at CHC Physical Therapy are amazing!  I’m 47 and have suffered most of my life from headaches, back and joint pain.  I was taking 6 to 8 Excedrin a day just to function.  Initially I went to Jeanne because my 10 year old son had ligament damage and clicking in his neck from a sports injury.  We both started therapy 3 weeks ago.  My son has made a remarkable recovery and the clicking in his neck is gone.  As a result of my treatments I have only had 1 headache in 3 weeks and I couldn’t remember what it was like to function without pain in my entire body. Another thing that impressed me about CHC Physical Therapy is that they take the time to educate their patients in addition to treating them.  With my son they showed him the exercises and took pictures for him to take home so he could remember how to do them correctly.  Thanks to Jeanne, her staff and her phenomenal techniques I no longer suffer daily and my son is doing great too!”

--Deb Guercio

"....the MRI showed severe central canal stenosis....I had severe pain from sciatica and could not stand in place for more than a few minutes before I had to sit. Traditional physical therapy wasn't any help so back surgery was scheduled. Then I tried the McKenzie method offered by CHC Physical Therapy. I avoided the back surgery. I enjoy golf, walking and other outdoor activities that I had given up because of the severe pain. For me, working with CHC was the right choice."

-John Blatt

"I feel compelled to share the story of how Jeanne O'Malley PT, certMDT of CHC Physical Therapy helped me transition from being barely able to walk to walking with very little pain in the span of less than a day.

One day in August of 2013, I woke up with an intense pain in my lower back, and found that I could hardly move and could not get out of bed without help and extraordinary effort. Being a person who prides himself on his physical fitness, I never expected to get a back problem. This truly put a "kink" in my plans to hike the Grand Canyon with my son, a dream that I had had for many years, and one that I was hoping to realize in May 2014. Later that morning, I was seen by my primary doctor who diagnosed me with a slipped disc and who referred me to Jeanne O'Malley - a recommendation that I have been grateful for ever since. Later that day I was in Jeanne's office, still in great pain and walking like a much older man. She very quickly and accurately assessed the situation, developed a plan, and within a hour with the help of her able staff and her "BODYPHYXTM" and other amazing machines, had me walking again with very little pain. Over the next several weeks, she refined my therapeutic plan and taught me exercises and behavior to help avoid subsequent trouble. By following her advice and faithfully doing the exercises she prescribed, I have not had a recurrence since and can proudly say that after 9 months of intense training, I successfully hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim with a 30 pound pack on my back, with energy to spare, and with no back pain whatsoever.

Jeanne is a rare amalgam of knowledge, caring, firmness, insight, and persistence. She expects as much from her clients as she does from herself, and in my case, got amazing results without surgery or medications. I feel very thankful for the important role that Jeanne, CHC Physical Therapy, and her staff played in my recovery. Thank you Jeanne! I thank you, my family thanks you, and my back thanks you!"

-John Thomas

"Did I think I could walk without a cane----No.

Did I think I would ever stretch and bend again---No.

Did I ever think that I could balance ----No.

Or Walk without Pain ---No

Most of all after Kyphoplasty and three back procedures did I think I would be off pain pills---No


With your visuals, exercise and positive attitudes, all of my No's have turned to Yes.

I walked for four miles today without pain.

Thank you for all of your studies because they helped me!"

-Mary Jane Travis


The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"I thought I was going to get a hip replacement. The orthopedic surgeon said I had arthritis. You alleviated the pain that I had! You guys are the best!"

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