The Most Profound Effect of Falling is Loss of Independence

September 10, 2010

Winter Months Pose a Significant Fall Risk

Falls are Preventable.

Don’t let this happen to a loved one.


CHC Physical Therapy will Identify and Treat these Common Causes of Falls:


Dizziness…A certified Vestibular Physical Therapist at CHC Physical Therapy will identify and treat balance problems caused by Vertigo, Vestibular Dysfunction and Dizziness.

 Improper Footwear………Physical Therapists will evaluate and recommend the safest footwear.  “More is not Better.” A bulky tennis shoe can cause tripping.  Popular footwear for seniors has a tapered heel, which contributes to a fall risk.

 Balance Problems………At CHC Physical Therapy the whole balance system is evaluated:  The Neuro-Musculoskeletal System, The inner ear or the Vestibular System, and Visual Impairments, specifically faulty eye movement.

 Gait Difficulties….What gait problems cause falls?  The physical therapists at CHC Physical Therapy will identify and treat these problems.

“Falls are not and should not be considered part of the normal aging process.”

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, do not require a doctor’s prescription to cover Physical Therapy visits.

The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you Jeanne for my being able to walk normally and best of all, go up and down the many stairs in my house."

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