The Best Anti-Aging Medicine? Exercise

May 1, 2014

Now is the Perfect Time to Start an Exercise Program

So many men and women in their in their 60s, 70s and 80s start an exercise program with good intentions only to stop it because of pain.  For a successful exersise program to be achieved and continued, this age group requires the initial intervention of a physical therapist.  Physical therapists are movement specialists.  Physical therapists at CHC Physical Therapy will identify movement faults that eventually cause pain……and fix them.  Movement faults can be fixed. 

 Repeatedly bumping into movement faults causes pain.  In this age group, this pain is blamed on arthritis with the misconception that the pain is inevitable. This is wrong.


Contact CHC Physical Therapy to have the perfect exercise program created for you.  This exercise program will be designed with the focus on your goals.  What do you want to do?  CHC Physical Therapy will get you there!

A recent study conducted at Harvard found that exercise can be at least as effective as prescription drugs when it comes to preventing common conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Another study discovered that just 15 minutes a day of moderate-intensity activity extended people’s lives by as much as three years.

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The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you so very much for teaching and training me to have a stronger, more upright, realigned body. Thanks for giving me a more optimistic attitude about aging and keeping strong and healthy. Thanks for the encouragement and laughs.
I appreciated the friendliness, helpfulness, and encouragement offered by all your staff. It was a pleasure talking and working with them! I was also impressed by the cleanliness of your office, and the respect of privacy offered by curtains at each station.
May God continue to bless you so you can touch many more people with your strong determined positive teachings and therapy.

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