"Runner's Foot": Plantar Fasciitis

October 15, 2018

Treatment Focused on the Wrong Tissue Will Significantly Prolong Recovery and Prevent Return to Full Performance Potential


Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis vs Treatment for a Nerve Entrapment


Plantar Fasciitis:

Medical Illustration of the ankle showing Plantar Fasciitis

Standard Treatment Protocol for Plantar Fasciitis:  Pain in the arch or around the heel of the foot is most often identified as Plantar Fasciitis and treatment is focused on the plantar fascia. The treatment includes steroid injections, stretching, icing and repetitive compression including rolling the foot on a tennis ball or on a frozen can of fluid. Orthotics, deigned to support the arch of the foot, can provide too much compression in the wrong places.












 Nerve Entrapment: 


Medial Plantar illustration of the ankleGraphical illustration of the nerves in the foot

Nerve Entrapments in Runners

Kevin deWeber, MD, FAAFP; Military Sports Medicine Fellowship Director

Causes of Nerve Entrapments

  • Isolated contusion
  • Repetitive compression
  • Stretch
  • Surgical injury

Standard Treatment Protocol for a Nerve Entrapment at CHC Physical Therapy: 

An evaluation is done to determine the cause foot pain. If a nerve entrapment is identified as the cause, treatment based on the science of neural mobilization to restore the gliding and sliding of the involved nerve/nerves, is initiated.  As stretching and compression of nerves are a cause of the problem, they are not a component of the treatment protocol for a nerve entrapment.  If orthotics are indicated, they are custom designed at CHC to address a specific problem. 

The above described treatment protocol for plantar fasciitis causes repeated compression and stretching of neural tissues. Ice that initially increases the pain and eventually abolishes the pain, actually, just numbs the neural tissues by restricting the blood supply to the nerve. 

It is the restoration of blood flow to inflamed tissues that causes healing along with the restoration of painless movement.  The restoration of painless function through evidence based techniques to restore the gliding and sliding of neural tissues is the focus of treatment of pain at CHC Physical Therapy.

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