Good posture is one of the most important components of being fit

April 26, 2013

Posture, Pain and Performance

Poor posture is a significant cause of pain experienced by the runner and golfer.  A few sessions on Body Phyx at CHC Physical Therapy can restore alignment and correct the movement faults that cause pain and limit performance.

“Proper posture prevents pain and even health and musculoskeletal problems.” (Dr. Nadya Swedan)

“Proper posture prevents pain and even health and musculoskeletal problems. If you stand tall, with your chest open, you are actually able to breathe more efficiently and open up your lung base.

“Good posture also prevents neck and back pain, as an aligned spine will have less pain. Shoulder pain is also reduced when shoulders are in alignment, so you have less risk of rotator cuff issues. Proper head positioning — directly over the body and not too far forward or tilted to one side — prevents headaches.

“Good posture is the foundation for great performance.  Athletes, musicians, dancers and actors all learn posture and positioning as a foundation for excellence.  When your joints are aligned, your muscles can fire in their strongest position and your body moves with least resistance. “

(Dr. Nadya Swedan is a New York City-based physiatrist and is on the medical staff at North Shore University Hospital/LIJ Manhasset, "The Active Woman's Health and Fitness Handbook" and "Women's Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.")

“Good posture is one of the most important components of being fit," said Brooke Marrone, a New York City-based personal trainer.

Body Phyx Puts You There…..

Body Phyx Corrects Posture:

  • Directs the spine towards correct alignment.
  • Directs the joints towards correct alignment.
  • Directs the shoulders and shoulder blades back and down towards the spine.
  • Allows the rib cage to lift and expand to increase potential oxygen intake.
  • The expanded rib cage facilitates good alignment in the seated or active activity.

The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"I thought I was going to get a hip replacement. The orthopedic surgeon said I had arthritis. You alleviated the pain that I had! You guys are the best!"

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