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September 24, 2012

The presence of arthritis in a joint does not mean that pain is inevitable. Even a diagnosis of, "Bone on Bone" does not necessarily mean that pain is inevitable. Joint pain caused by arthritis can be treated and resolved. If arthritis alone were the cause of pain the joint pain would be constant. It would always be there because the arthritis is always there. Every step would hurt.

The tissues surrounding it influence the arthritic joint. Tight muscles and tendons and entrapped nerves in and around the arthritic joint affect the alignment of the joint articular surfaces. This change in alignment changes the way the joint surfaces make contact with each other. This change in alignment irritates the joint surfaces, particularly the arthritic joint. When the alignment and the free movement of the tissues surrounding the affective joint are restored, pain is resolved. Aging and old injuries cause mechanical changes in tissues surrounding the joint. Even poor posture can affect the alignment of the articular surfaces of the joints. No matter how old the injury or how old the joint, mechanical problems can be fixed. And they can be fixed conservatively with physical therapy. Too frequently, much too frequently, surgery is considered as the only option for fixing a mechanical problem.

Don't accept a diagnosis as arthritis as the cause of pain. Do not feel that joint replacement is your only option.

At CHC Physical Therapy we can identify and correct the mechanical changes in and around a painful joint. Most often, painless activity is restored.

It is worth a try.

The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you so very much for teaching and training me to have a stronger, more upright, realigned body. Thanks for giving me a more optimistic attitude about aging and keeping strong and healthy. Thanks for the encouragement and laughs.
I appreciated the friendliness, helpfulness, and encouragement offered by all your staff. It was a pleasure talking and working with them! I was also impressed by the cleanliness of your office, and the respect of privacy offered by curtains at each station.
May God continue to bless you so you can touch many more people with your strong determined positive teachings and therapy.

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