Ageism: Negative Perception of Getting Older: 4 Myths about Pain and Aging

May 13, 2018

1.) Pain is inevitable with Aging

This is not true but most people, including some health professionals, think it is. Truth is that there may be a few more illnesses and surgical procedures but people over 60 have no more migraines, no more back pain, no more neck pain than younger people have. In fact, older people have less pain.

2.) If you have some pain now, then you will have worse pain later

This is not true either. Pain comes and goes in older people just like it does in younger people. Even though X-rays and scans may show things such as narrowing of joint paces, this had NO relation to increased pain. These are age changes and more age does not equal more pain.

3.) Toughing it out makes it easier to tolerate

Some older people think "I'll grin and bear it!" This might be true for awhile, but we know that it doesn't make anything easier in the long run and being stoic can lead to depression, which in turn increases pain more in older people than it does in younger people. So you don't have to accept it as part of aging–seek help from an up to date health professional, just as you would if you were younger.

4.) There is nothing you can do for it

This is not true! There are treatments that work for people of any age. Knowledge and movement rules!


So–age is only a number–it is not an excuse!

Age is only a number 


From: David Butler, PT; Article "Oldies are Goldies," Neuro Orthopedic Institute

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