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October 25, 2018

Reasons physical therapists hear for the “inevitable” decline of function that is attributed to aging:  

  • #1 Pain
  • #2 Arthritis   (Most people over 60 have some arthritic changes. Arthritis does not necessarily mean pain. Osteoarthritis is not the progressive disease it is accepted it to be. Once a doctor gives the diagnosis of arthritis, pain is accepted as inevitable. This is not true!  Pain is not inevitable with arthritis.)
  • “I can’t do what I used to do.”  “I’m not getting any younger.”
  • “That old high school football, knee injury is limiting my mobility now, at 60.”
  • Movement Loss, “Stiff All Over”
  • “Going to the gym doesn’t help.”  
  • The doctor said, “You have a 70 y/o knee.  There are some things you won’t be able to do.”
  • “The x-ray showed I have a bone spur in my hip.”
  • “I have a torn rotator cuff.”
  • “My golf game just falls apart after the 10th hole. I can’t play 18 holes anymore.”
  • “I can’t keep up with the 40 y/o athlete.”  
  • “My knee is bone on bone.”
  • “The doctor said I need a hip replacement.”
  • My doctor said I should not play golf because of my back “is full of arthritis”.
  • Never did recover full function after surgery or illness.  


Over 60 is not the problem. The problem is that they stopped moving on a regular basis.


These people need to get moving!


CHC Physical Therapy can identify and address an existing problem that prevents the establishment of an effective exercise routine designed to Keep You Moving.


CHC Physical Therapy can establish an effective exercise routine that prevents the potential movement loss that comes with aging. Movement loss and poor alignment are a more frequent cause of pain than arthritis. Restoring movement loss and correcting alignment can resolve pain that is blamed on arthritis. The movement loss and not the arthritic changes is the cause of pain. 

Clinical Trials out of Harvard and the Mayo Clinic have shown that treatment focused on degenerative changes identified in an x-ray or MRI are not effective because, frequently, the pain was not caused by the identified degenerative changes.

An example:  Bone spurs do not appear overnight. Pain blamed on a bone spur in the hip that appears in an x-ray taken after the onset of the pain is most likely not the cause of the hip pain. Pain from a bone spur would be of gradual onset with increased severity over time. Many people without hip pain have bone spurs. Just as many people with stenosis of the spine do not have back pain. Degenerative discs do not mean inevitable back pain. ‘Bone and bone’ weight bearing in a knee does not mean inevitable knee pain. MRIs and X-Ray are not definitive indicators of the cause of pain.

The problem is that the above are accepted without question by most people and their life styles are adjusted accordingly.


Most mechanical problems can be fixed to restore function.  

First, the true problem needs to be identified.


CHC Physical Therapy will identify the mechanical problem in the evaluation process.

Billy Mattison, a 60 year old member of ski patrol in Vail, CO

“I do something to keep in shape every single day.” 

Billy Mattison, 60 years old
Ski Patrol, Vail Colorado


Aging is Inevitable

60+ Local 5K Runner 70+ Marathon Runner 80+ Vail Skier 90+ Woman shopping for plants





Local 5K
Boston Marathon
At Nursery - Home to Plant

Old Is Optional

Old is optional, man standing 

CHC Physical Therapy can establish a daily Exercise Program to

Keep You Moving


The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you Jeanne for my being able to walk normally and best of all, go up and down the many stairs in my house."

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