Jeanne O'Malley, Owner of CHC Physical Therapy Cleveland

Jeanne O'Malley : Certified McKenzie Method Physical Therapist in Fairview Park, OH


Certified in the McKenzie Method of Treatment of Neck and Back Pain

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in the Physical Therapy from Marquette University.

I started CHC Physical Therapy in 1993.
CHC Physical Therapy’s focus is : The restoration of the painless function in people of all ages: The Young Athlete, The Weekend Warrior, The Triathlete, The Baby Boomer, The 65+ Year Old.

With 40 years in the Physical Therapy profession I have acquired expertise in several areas of specialty, including:

Treatment of the Neck and Back Pain.  I am Certified in the McKenzie Method.
The McKenzie Method is trusted and used by practitioners all over the world.
Arthritis and Joint Pain   With chronic or recurrent pain it is most often the loss of movement that causes pain. Not the tendonitis. Not the arthritis. Not the old fracture or high school football injury. The loss of movement is a consequence of the tendonitis, arthritis, old fracture or high school injury and a cause of pain.  The inflammatory process has resolved. Recurrent pain is caused by loss of movement can occur years later. I restore movement loss with the appropriate stretches, with movement in the right direction and by the correcting alignment of the spine and painful joint.

There is a science to effective stretches. Stretching can hurt tissues, such as neutral tissues. The result is increased pain and swelling. I specialize in the restoration of painless movement by applying the science of neural mobilization with stretches. I have a patent on BODYPHYXTM, a device that is proven to cause movement of nerves to treat pain.
Movement of the painful joint in the correct direction, with the appropriate force and frequency, can significantly reduce or abolish joint pain, often in a short time. I specialize in the Brian Mulligan and McKenzie’s manual therapy techniques.
And alignment. Correcting alignment  is imperative to the restoration of painless function. Plumbers, carpenters and orthopedic surgeons inserting an artificial knee, use measuring devices to correct alignment. But, alignment of the spine and therefore of every weight bearing joint is often ignored in the treatment of joint pain. BODYPHYXTM corrects alignment.
Shoulder Pain  I was the Primary Investigator in a 100 patient clinical trial on shoulder pain. Body Phyx was used by the test group. “The results of the study demonstrate that the physical therapy with the Body Phyx physical therapy device as compared to physical therapy with standard of care produces non-inferior results with respect to all variables analyzed and trend towards demonstrating superiority for the several variables. Overall, the results strongly suggest that therapy with the BODYPHYXTM physical therapy device is equivalent to or better than therapy with standard of care. (“ A Clinical Study of the Effects of the Nerve Mobilize on Shoulder Pain and Function”)

Geriatric Rehabilitation I established rehabilitation facilities in several nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
Pediatric Rehabilitation I established and staffed physical therapy programs in schools.
Acute Care  Includes University & St Vincent Charity Hospitals in Cleveland, Miseracordia and St. John’s Riverside Hospitals in NYC. I received experience working with burn patients at these facilities. Radiation is a burn. Radiation around the neck area can affect the esophagus and trachea. I feel very strongly that patient education on maintaining movement after radiation is essential.

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"I thought I was going to get a hip replacement. The orthopedic surgeon said I had arthritis. You alleviated the pain that I had! You guys are the best!"

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