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Aging is inevitable. Old is optional.

Good alignment = Function
The outcomes are Amazing!

A CHC client once stated: "I want to live a long time but do not want to get old."

  • Many people think that painful movement is a consequence of aging. This is a Myth.
  • People think progressive pain and weakness and even balance problems can only be managed, not reversed. Wrong!!!
  • People think pain can be resolved with rest, no exercise, more exercise, chair exercise, water exercise, pills or surgery. Wrong!!!
  • People think that because a doctor or image led to a diagnosis of a bulging disc, arthritis, and even “bone on bone” joint changes, that pain and loss of the ability to do an activity is inevitable. In most cases this is just not true.
  • People believe that following a sports injury, even that old high school football injury, that pain is an inevitable part of daily life.


Poor posture, movement faults, and nerve entrapments are a significant cause of pain and performance problems uncovered with an increase of activity. Sessions on BODY PHYX™ can restore alignment, correct the movement faults and free-up nerve entrapments that cause pain, weakness and limit performance.

The accumulation of scar tissue as we get older limits our movement. Limited movement, including the loss of a nerve's ability to glide and slide through full range of movement, limits performance and causes pain, weakness and fatigue. Loss of movement results in an increased effort to move. Loss of movement "sucks the energy out of you." Treatment focused on the loss of movement of neural tissues can have...


BODY PHYX™ Will Get You There!

The Results...Amazing Outcomes!

"Thank you Jeanne for my being able to walk normally and best of all, go up and down the many stairs in my house."

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